MUM is the first piece I envisioned for the series Objects of Human Intervention. This larger body of research is a conceptual and artistic exploration of ideas related to human-technology relationships, the dynamics that govern them and the events that result of them.

Respectively MUM is a commentary on marketing and advertising aesthetics and poses questions about the balance between individual and collective ethics, politics and economy perspectives.

MUM is a fictional product that by design exists in the paradox between the uncanny and the familiar, the tolerable and the unacceptable of current social conditions. My intention is to utilize advertising as a platform to confront critical questions through dramatization and fiction. Objects of Human Intervention will ideally stimulate public discussion and contribute to maintain a critical discourse about the continuous tensions between economical development and cultural awareness.



Theoretically MUM dramatizes the impact of neoliberal market expectations on social advancement and emphasizes on the human cost of such pressure.  It is a means to describe the fragile balance at which we sustain our lives within corporate environments and the personal complications that arise from such incompatibilities: in this case focused on the theme of parenthood.Viewers are invited to take a standpoint in consideration of their moral and ethical beliefs. Creating these structures based on the promise of current communication and product design I am able to theorize hypothetical models of social neglect and cultural decay in a first stage and explore relevant behavioral questions in a second stage.

Objects of Human Intervention is an effort to articulate a critical forum around the life-enhancing qualities of products, our relation with them as signifiers and our understanding of their significance. With a set of fictional but potentially viable products, Objects of Human Intervention reveals the artificial needs that result from the commercial advancement of technology.