Lost is a series of sculptures turned photography subjects. They represent ideas related to linguistics and semiotics and focus on my personal experience with translation. I am starting with words from my native languages Spanish and German and imagining scenarios inspired by he cultural and sentimental differences between them.Not every nuance… not every emotional implication of these words has a direct correspondence in its direct translation into English. Frequently a particular state of mind or an attitude is lost when a word is translated between languages. In the particular case of Spanish, some words have experienced drastic changes in significance throughout history resulting in completely different uses of the same word depending on geographical location.

Using a physical form allows me to establish a narrative that explores these variations in a visceral way, removed from the limitations of language. It allows me to envision the state and personality of these words, speculating about the spaces their lost meanings are sent to when they get lost in translation. These meanings that exist outside the cultural mainstream into which they are translated are symbols of displacement.



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