Installation View

Toaster resulted of a collaboration with my dear friend Juan Perez Marina and is an experiment about the relationship of sound and form. It is an attempt to rethink the significance of ordinary objects, exploring the preconceived ideas associated with their conventional functions.

Can sound identify form? Does form determine the personality of sound? How does an object change in meaning in response to the input of another? How do the unconventional new properties affect our perception of the object? Does a new function define a new meaning?

A musician interacts with a repurposed object, performing according to his interpretation of its musical qualities. As the actor dwells into the idea of a new meaning we are presented with the raw soundscape inspired by his associations.

This piece was rehearsed live and filmed over a period of three days in Santander, Spain. The video was remixed and edited with the final cut being used as a template to write the musical piece to match.