On Aesthetics of “the cute” and the cult of consumerism:

Cult of Cute is an installation piece inspired by my research on cultural influence and “aesthetic categories”. It proposes that our personal understanding of cultural phenomena is conditioned by subjective interpretation, aesthetic considerations and suppressed traditions.

I am using the intersection of Black Metal and cats on the Internet as a springboard to explore the cultural mashup, in which two apparently unrelated or opposed concepts converge as a consequence of our inherent affinity to mythology, mass production and image circulation.




“Since ancient times, humanity has shaped the social domain by means of representation and interpretation. Whether through oral tradition, painting and sculpture or its progressive development – thanks to the influence of technology over the years – culture is the legacy of the complex interaction of our perceptions. These perceptions – manifested in the images, words and sounds we use – are the foundation of what we commonly understand as reality.”José Fernández, CVLT of CVTE


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